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Discover some great garage door repair tips for the future. Building your knowledge through experts.

Check your garage closing force periodically

As your automatic garage door is equipped with a reverse function when it is blocked, this can be used to check if your door closing force is too strong. Do this by opening your garage door and closing it again. Try to prevent your garage door from closing by holding up the bottom of your   garage door. Consult one of our technicians if the problem persists.

Replace hinges when necessary

Hinges are among the sensitive parts of a garage door as they are easily damaged. Garage Door Repair Floral Park strongly suggests that once the hinges on the garage door are broken, replacement must be in order. Any cracks on the wall foundation needs to be filled in as well for maximum safety inside the garage.

Regular check-ups keep the serviceman away

Unfortunately for garage door owners, they do not mind checking on their unit until it actually stops working. Do not wait until something goes completely wrong. Give your unit regular check-ups to ensure that garage door parts are in their top shape. If you sense an early sign of damage, addressing the issue promptly is the advice of professionals at Garage Door Repair Floral Park.

Change the small parts periodically

Small garage door parts, like nuts, bolts, hinges or brackets and screws, are usually overlooked and ignored. The expert opinion of our professionals in Floral Park is that these components must be checked periodically and changed before they rust. Make sure they are tightened and lubricated.

Inspect if there are missing parts

Sometimes small parts such as screws or bolts become loose and eventually fall off unnoticed. Take a look at those parts that may have the tendency to loosen and fall. The garage door would still work even without some small parts, but they are still part of the bigger whole and lost parts may cause problems in the long run.

Don't let your overhead door die

Take care of your overhead door! That’s what our experts advise you to do. With on time repairs, annual maintenance, and immediate replacement of worn garage door parts, the overhead door won't only be functional but will also provide the necessary safety conditions. That's the main thing.

Never give children access to wall units or remote control

Adults should never allow children to gain access to the wall units or remote controls of garage doors. The remote and wall controls should be kept out of a child’s reach. Our door specialists in Floral Park recommend that the wall control should be placed at least five feet off the floor.


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