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This is the place where your queries are resolved. FAQs for garage door repair below.

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What is the difference between wood and wood composite garage doors and what should I choose?

As experts at Garage Door Repair Floral Park explain, wood garage doors are made with wood while wood composite doors are made from recycled wood fibers. Wood is a good insulator and wood composite are even better. The better choice would be wood composite garage doors as they have more strength and also resists splitting more than that of a pure wood door.

Is it possible to make my existing garage door to open electrically?

Usually, this is possible. However, there are some very rare exceptions, depending on the type of door. The good news is that most garage doors have motors that are retro fitted. Make sure to check the quality of your door to make sure that it is possible to be converted to an electric garage door for your convenience.

What is the recommended garage door opening measurement?

All homeowners like their garage to work efficiently right through the year and ideally the opening should be around one-fourth of an inch smaller than the door itself. This will help in sealing the door better than an opening which is the same size as the door itself. The weatherstripping will further help in sealing the door and you are assured of being protected from harsh weather conditions.

How do weather seals manage to keep air drafts out?

Weather seals are usually made of rubber or vinyl. Some are used to be inserted in metal retainers, which are installed at the door. In either case, the weather seals manage to embrace and totally close the little gap between the garage door and the frame according to our company in Floral Park.

Is it easy for me to check the door's balance?

It's not hard at all. You simply have to disengage the electric operator and lift the door to the height of your chest. Then let go and see if it remains still. If it's not, the door needs to be balanced. This is done by adjusting the springs. This is actually the hard part and you must be very careful.

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