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The Remote Control Is Out of Order: and Now What

10/14/2013 Back To Blog

Remote controls – regardless if you are using them for the television set, the car or the opener – are very durable devices, which may outlive the main unit. They are usually simple mechanisms, which can be maintained and repaired easily. Nowadays, the garage door clicker devices provide great safety because they usually work with a rolling technology, which changes the codes every single time you are pressing the buttons, and can communicate with multiple openers. Regardless of the model, type and brand, these tiny and so useful devices allow people to enter their homes with safety and that's why they ought to be maintained often.

I press the button but the door remains still

Before you do anything, you must make sure that the problem comes from the remote and not the garage door opener. If you have a wall switch, you can press it to see if the door will move. If everything works fine, you should check the inner circuit of the remote, dust it, and replace the batteries.

Is it time for replacement?

If your attempts to bring your remote back to life fail, perhaps it's time to replace it. There are many options in the market from the security plus technologies to the wireless garage door keypad. You can choose whether you want to open the door with a code or with the recognition of your fingertip. You can choose whether you want to hang it in the keychain or whether you need to open multiple openers.

Maintain the entire mechanism

Don't forget that your remote is only one separate part of the entire system of interconnected garage door parts. This means that you must not neglect the good and frequent maintenance of all of them. Experts insist that remotes will soon handle much more operations than simply opening and closing the door. For now, you should keep your remote safe, clean and well hidden and write down the code of the model in case you need it.

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