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How to Maintain Electric Openers Right

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

Although cutting edge garage door electric operators do not need maintenance as often as older ones, checking their condition once in a while wouldn't hurt. After all, they're electric systems and anything could go wrong with any part. Don't forget that they're exposed to external conditions often, such as wires chewed by home pets and other small animals. The point is to make sure the opener will open and close the door with safety and all its parts will be checked for possible problems. Openers don't merely consist of garage door motors. They have other parts too, and they all play a great role to your safety.


What opener parts need checking


Certainly, sensors are the prime parts to be checked. Since they'll ensure the reverse mechanism will be activated in times of someone's entrapment, they must be checked first and often. The door must close down well and does not reverse without a reason. So, make sure they're aligned. You can be sure they're adjusted by checking that both lights on the devices are turned on. Make sure the floor is clean, too. A tiny tree stick might cause the door to reverse. Actually, if the door doesn't close well, you ought to adjust it by the limit switch on the motor.


Entrapment is also avoided when the release rope is in place and well tightened. Of course, you must know how to use it to disconnect the opener and open the overhead door manually if someone is trapped under the door. Most ropes will just need to be pulled down and towards the opener in order to disconnect its automatic operation. It's definitely important to see that the arm and garage door trolley on the door are tightened. So, check the nuts but also all brackets that keep the opener unit in place on the angle iron.


If you have a chain drive, lubricate the chain. Lamps are replaced when they die but make sure you know where to find them and how to replace them, especially if you have no other way to illuminate the garage. Check that the backup battery is charged and test that it works fine by disengaging the opener and pressing the clicker to activate the door's movement. These are all important steps to ensure that your opener won't fail you at the most awkward moments.


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